Sex, Lies and Depravity

Sex, Lies and Depravity follows Jake, and his letters to childhood friend Arran.

Arran now lives away with his young son Max and his girlfriend Julie. Hannah, Jake’s girlfriend struggles to cope with the hurt and abuse he afflicts on her and their daughter Carrie. After one volatile night, Jake storms out of the family home and by chance meets Ethan, a young, gay, streetwise charmer. 

Hiding under the cover of darkness in a deprived area of the city with Ethan, and drug dealer sidekick Carla, Jake struggles to keep the lid on the truth of his real identity and his new found affair with Ethan.
Hannah’s best friend Lisa suspects that Jake is having an affair or worse and the can of worms
 unravels coming to a shocking and emotional head unraveling the hearts and souls of all involved.

Click here for more informations about Sex, Lies and Depravity


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